Classic Corporate Slogans of the Past Century🛢

Photo by MART PRODUCTION from Pexels

Slogans are an important defining feature of a brand, particularly if the company wants consumers to associate their brand with their purpose, feeling or vision.

Consider some of these classic slogans used by corporations in the past century.

Diamond Shamrock (acquired by Valero in 2001): The resourceful company.

Honeywell: The automation company. (Current slogan: The power of connected.)

Georgia Pacific: The growth company.

General Motors: People building transportation to serve PEOPLE. (Current slogan: We stand together to drive the world forward. Everybody in.)

Toyota: Serving PEOPLE’s needs in a hundred basic ways. (Current slogan: Let’s Go Places)

Generic Electric: 100 years of progress for PEOPLE. (Current slogan: Imagination at work)
US Steel: We’re involved.

Firestone: As long as Firestone keeps thinking about PEOPLE, PEOPLE will keep thinking about Firestone.

Many of these slogans place emphasis on abstract concepts around people, rather than the specific product and service lines they offer.

What kind of message do you want defining your brand?

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